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Saved by the Bicycle

Modern life has many challenges, with many problems to face. We need to develop a means of escape; Leave the manic world and leave us time to refresh ourselves and recharge ourselves.

I remember as if it were yesterday, the day I left one of my therapies with the psychiatrist, with which I could not overcome everything that was happening to me. And to make matters worse, the only alternative I had to my depression was to take some medication, which induced me to a wrongly called "nice" state.

That day I spoke with a great friend; I needed to talk to someone, find alternative therapy, and he invited me to try the bicycle - I immediately accepted, but to be honest, I did not see any future to that alternative at that time.

However, after a few days I decided to give myself a chance to take this two-wheeled vehicle, which had like many others, used since childhood, but for which I never got passionate. My childhood thoughts had been elsewhere.

I must confess now that it was the most wonderful experience I could experience; When I thought that I already knew everything, that nothing surprised me: enter into my life, the best ally for any disease of the soul - "THE BIKE".

You wonder what was happening to me - so did I! I will answer! My family was the victim of tragic and terrible violence. My father had disappeared and we could not find him, and this fact broke my life in two, worrying about what had happened to him, and missing him so much. I looked for a refuge where I should not look for it and I quieted that pain, with the noise of the street, the discos and the "friends" those false friends who are part of our self-destruction. I was part of an angry self-destructive young crowd, which has a well full of demons inside which they have to hide.

Nowadays, however, following my bike lifestyle, and the great friends I have met and made through this exciting sport, I have a very quiet life. I live to the utmost what I love; I dedicate myself to art, which allows me to open my soul and my emotions with painting and fall in love with life; A life that is now centered on my bikes.

Every time I go up to one of them, I forget my problems, my anguish, and I thank God for giving me a second chance; To be able to move a machine with my own energy, to change the pain of the soul, for the pain in the legs in each pedaleada; but above all, for being alive.

I am healthier and fit, in my body and in my mind. I am more able to live within our chaotic world, sharing the joy of an incredibly beautiful world, and seeing it through the refreshed eyes - the eyes of a cyclist who is truly alive.

Luisa X