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South America Cycling

South America is hot-bed of cycling activity, from road to mountain bike XC, all the way through to freeride and street. We want to capture some of the spirit of cycling from this fantastic part of the world, and are busy lining up a great team to do so.

Whenever we take a look at what's happening via the internet, the sun seems to be shining and everyone is out and about in great places having fun. With vast areas of nature to explore, from desert type plains to jungle greenery, the Andes mountains and Patagonia, it has to be on every adventure seekers list of places to visit. 

To start things off, we've been lucky enough to be joined by Susan Barraza from Chile, who not only rides, but also works within the cycling industry. 

We're expanding our team into Colombia, to bring you some superb cycling articles and routes from one of the great cycling nations. Keep checking for new developments and blogs. 


Cycling fitness: Suely Abreu, Brazil

Brazilian cyclist and fitness fan Suely is keen to ensure that she gets the most out of her cycling lifestyle. Fitness is key to a good balance in life, and in this article Suely writes about how she found her balance.

My first triathlon Olympic: Luciana Prado

The day of my first Olympic triathlon arrived and it was incredible; I enjoyed every kilometer and now I'm going to tell you a little bit of that experience for you.

Alto De Letras

Vanessa Jimenez is a cyclist that loves a challenge. Along with partner Ivan, Vanessa tackled the longest road climb in the world - 80km! Read about her trip here...


Behind the Scenes at Kafitt Sports

Our Colombia writer Luisa went along to see behind the scenes at stylish clothing brand Kafitt.

Have  a read about this up and coming Colombian brand, and see why Luisa talks so highly about them.


Suely Abreu - Brazil

Time to meet Brazilian cyclist and fitness brand owner Suely; she'll be writing about her own cycling lifestyle and all things fitness to help you enjoy your riding.


Bi-Port Colombia

Luisa Barrios is a stylish cyclist and graphic artist from Colombia. When she needed an idea to help to store her bikes, Luisa came up with these funky boards...

Saved by the Bicycle

New Colombian blogger Luisa writes about how becoming a cyclist added something to her life, opening up a new vision and healthier outlook


A Cycling Passion

Colombian cyclist and blogger, Vanessa Jimenez, writes from the soul about how cycling has taken over her every thought.


Grand Fondo Portillo

Our Chilean cycling blogger Susan takes you up one of the great road climbs globally, with twisting switchbacks to test the best, and amazing views to last a lifetime. 

My Training Regime - Luciana Prados

Brasilian triathlete Luciana outlines her weekly training regime, showing the dedication and passion that she has for this great sport

Kathia Acosta, Panama

Our new global editors are hard at work, bringing on new bloggers to the site. Meet Kathia from Panama, adding to the wealth of ordinary riders sharing their cycling lifestyle from Central & South America

My Triathlon Journey

New blogger from Brazil, Luciana Prado, writes about starting her triathlon journey, as an introduction to her new blog about her training, events and cycling during 2017 and beyond. Triathlon is a big theme for us in 2017, so take a read of this article...

The Challenge of the Messenger

Chilean cyclist Susan is always seeking new adventures. Read how she got on during this classic South American desert race.

Specialized S-Works Ladies XC Shoes

Susan has the opportunity to test out these superb shoes by Specialized.

Read her detailed review here.

Valle Nevado, Chile

Susan recently took a spin up the epic mountain road climb of Valle Nevado, on the edge of Santaigo. Take a look at the route by clicking here, and read her advice for riding it.