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Stephanie De Santi

We're really please to welcome Stephanie to the team here at pedalnorth. Having such an amazing athlete and talented writer on board, will help us to introduce our readers to the great cycling culture of America. Read Steph's bio below...

I'm an avid athlete, with a passion for: triathlon, cycling, writing, and all things adventurous. For me, there's no greater feeling than being on the road with the wind in my hair, the kinship with my bike, and my compass pointing in any direction.  I like to think that my bike has taken me to some of the most captivating places to see, as well as into the grander places of my mind. My theory is - If you can't figure out life on a long ride, then you will probably never have it figured out. Cycling, what a wonderful gift.  

I will be writing about my adventures through Ironman, cycling, and reviewing product lines in hopes to find the best gear on the market for all your cycling and triathlon needs. I also have an insatiable desire to inspire my readers to seek out their passions. I've been blessed to have found mine and could only hope that I can plant the seed of inspiration into others and witness them water their own.

Ride safe and happy training, my friends.  

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Rudy Project Tralyx SX Sunnies

It may not always be bright sunshine, but when it is you need to look after your eyes. Look stylish at the same time with some great sunnies from Rudy Project, and read the review of the Tralyx SX by Stephanie...

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Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

It's not simply a case of being safe on a bike with a good helmet. It also has to be comfortable and stylish. Rudy Project take every aspect as key elements. Read Stephanie's review of their Stirling helmet here...

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New Horizons

Stephanie examines how her life has changed for the better, with sport and cycling at the heart of it. In doing so, she hopes to inspire our readers to take to two wheels ... or two feet as triathletes! smiley

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