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Stephanie De Santi - New Horizons

If someone would've told me two years ago that I was going to be filming a Road Bike commercial in the California desert, racing in Ironman events, and feeling abundantly filled while doing so, I would've thought they were on bath salts. 

Two years ago would mark one of the most difficult seasons of my life; the kind of difficult that changes a person forever. Little did I know back then that the emotional pain I was enduring at the time, was the very seed being planted to cultivate the wonderful life I live today. Yes, I'm incredibly grateful for getting paid to ride bikes and eat snacks, but it's the wisdom, clarity, and emotional peace that I've gained that's the most priceless to me. 

We all experience different seasons in our life; seasons of happiness, fulfilment, sadness, and pain. 

When we are in a difficult season, it's common to feel as though it’s going to last forever. The reason being is because we carry around a heavy weight of emotion, day after day, just trying to get by. During those times the challenge is being able to recognize that it's only a season in our life, and just like the Winter showers, it will come and go, and the Spring flowers will bud and grow. Time is of course transient, and our own existence is likewise; we just need to accept this and to move with it by taking control. 

Your pain and hardships are the evolution of you. You have the choice to stay in that season for a lifetime, or you have the choice to let it change you. To use the experiences as food for the new you. Please allow me to be an example. I hope you have the courage to let go and grow.

In doing so, you’ll find adventure in new your horizons, and find out things about yourself anew, as you explore the hidden areas of your personality, developing into a more rounded and complete person. And for me, a bike and riding the roads with friends is the best place to start; challenging yourself along the way, and finding out what your limits truly are; that anything is possible if we live within who we really are.

Cycling and triathlon allow me to challenge myself on a regular basis; to constantly remind myself to look both outwardly and inwardly and to use my inner strength for outward gain. 

On two feet or on two wheels, you too will surprise yourself, so go get on that bike, grab your track shoes and head along your own new road today smiley