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Susan Barraza Chile

My name is Susan Barraza, I’m from Chile, Southern South America Region. I love to ride bikes as many of you, besides I started just 4 years ago. I grew up in a farm in the north of Chile, with a lot of perfect places to ride bikes, but I never had the time to do so when I was a child, so now each time I can I go there and take my bike to explore.  

I have always loved to be active, moving, walking, running… I practiced Taekwondo, a Korean Martial art for almost 7 years, and then I moved to Santiago, which is the Capital of Chile. It was over here where I started to ride, first to commute, then to compete and make the bike part of my everyday life. I’m not a pro rider, but I try to enjoy at a 100% what I do.  

Chile is a beautiful country to do cycling from the North to the South, you can be riding in the desert one day, and in the other day in the deep forests of South. I will be glad to share with you places to ride over here in future posts.  

Since joining pedalnorth as a global cycling writer and blogger, I've started my own blog / website to help continue to rpomote cycling in Chile and ladies cycling. I'd be really pleased and honoured to have you visit and take a look. It has some great information about my cycling in Chile and some cycling routes in my wonderful country. 

For now though it's time to ride. I'm not a professional cyclist, so like you all, I have to get a ride in whenever I can! Hope to see you on the trails and roads in Chile someday!

Susan Barraza ​


 Visit Susan on her Instagram profile page here