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Tackling my health

Dodging a health issue with the sport recently, at the height of my enthusiasm for cycling, I was forced to take a break because of a surprise in my body.  In my previous article I was talking about my good food and healthy diet education, and the discipline since my adolescence with fitness; this together with my new love with cycling. I've always believed in having a good health and lifestyle, considering my good habits and how they fit into my life; also including routine examinations for an annual medical healthcare check-up - hence came the surprise...  

In the midst of a surreal energy with the discovery of cycling, a legion of ideas and emotions rising daily with new opportunities, a new workout routine in full swing; Yes, I get an unexpected diagnosis and "scary" moment. I had a cancer carcinoma tiroidiano (thyroid cancer).

Yes, some things you can't avoid ... It's not easy remembering all that feeling, but what happened next was a whirlwind of concerns and feelings that only those who receive a news like that can describe and even then maybe I don't.

The first feeling is despair, to believe that your problem is the worst of all;  that everyone will look at you with compassion; maybe somebody excludes you from some project that you were very excited to participate in and so on ... It was all this for some I did not want any of this to become a reality, so I decided that they would only know the people closest to me until I was sure what I was really up against, and I was able to keep this just for the family members until the post-op. I consider this a wise decision, because I could think and work my conscience to face what was needed, and I just wanted to hear the doctors were the ones who would be able to reassure me after myself.

At that moment all my connectivity with the sport and the positivity it conveys were crucial to strengthen me psychologically. I decided that I would be recovered as soon as possible and that I would be back in my life to live all the experiences that I still desire. I wouldn’t be beaten.

Of course, each case is an individual case, but after comings and goings to doctors and exams, I was informed that I would not have to undergo chemotherapy, which gave me great relief not only for the aesthetic part, but mainly for thinking that it would make the entire recovery process faster. What worried me now was living without the thyroid gland, hormone replacement for the rest of my life, and perhaps a radioiodine iodine session, which in those cases, the patient needs to be isolated in a special room for a period of time. It was a lot of information to live in a "fast" and surprising way, but I was firm and I thought: I will do everything I have to do, I cannot despair because it will only disturb me, and I must be positive in the face of all this if I am to have The best results and get out of this soon; and so I proceeded towards my total thyroidectomy.

During this period of preparation I trained a lot. I only talked about the problem when necessary and I hated messages of moral support. Sometimes the day went by and I forgot the problem this was great, few people knew then it made it easier, but the "big" day arrived. On the eve of the surgery, all the tension I did not feel in those days fell on me at once, I cannot explain how it was, but I had a nervous breakdown and the presence of relatives was important to help me at that moment, fortunately I was able to keep the calm in the surgical moment.

The surgery was a success, followed by the postoperative that every day was better. I began to do hormonal replacement three days later, with a low dosage and which we follow up every 30 days through TSH and T4L tests until we reach the balance that my body needs. Meanwhile, I was waiting for the result of the biopsy - another distressing period, as it would determine whether I would do the iodine therapy session or not. Fortunately, that day arrived and I finally came back to think how before all this happens, because I got rid of that too.

Oh yeah, the scar ... I did not worry about it at any time; after all what is a mark on the neck for anyone who goes through this process? Yes, now I have a scar on my neck, but so what? It confirms every day the importance of keeping my attention on health and doing what I have always done: maintaining a healthy diet, taking an annual check-up and practicing physical activities. Everything could have been much more painful and time-consuming if I had not discovered it at first, but thanks to my care a problem that may be "inevitable", in time I managed to avoid the worst. All this lasted on average 2 months since the discovery, now with everything back to the axis I hope to share only good experiences with you, both of the cliclismo and of the fitness.

It’s going to be good getting out on the bike and back into the gym. I’ve been through something that causes us all to think, and I’m grateful for my health and my fitness. I owe it to myself to keep fit and to keep riding. And the sun will shine every day, as I cycle along beneath it.