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The cycling clothing market is saturated globally. It's more difficult than ever to know what to buy and what kit is good for your needs. We want to make it easier, by only publishing reviews about the very best kit at a variety of price points. Whether you're after the best cycling jersey or the best bib shorts, we work closely with global brands to seek them for you.

Whilst we test lots of gear, we only publish those products that meet our exacting standards - 4 out of 5 stars as a minimum. So you can be assured that the kit we like is the kit that you'll like too.Here's a selection for the top half then...

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G4 Dimension Hipster Kit for Ladies

We take a look at this stylish new kit from French brand, G4 Dimension, as Larisa wears it on a rid into the Romanian mountains.

G4 Dimension Intemporal Kit for Ladies

Brands editor Larisa takes a close look at this stylish kit from French brand G4 Dimension.We think that this premium brand is super stylish

Biehler Linear Race Fit Pro Jersey

Designed for the serious cyclist, this excellent jersey from German brand Biehler, is ideal for long days in the saddle, speedy sportives, or simply having fun and looking stylish


Biehler Ambition Windproof Jacket for Men and Women

This is a candidate for the best item of kit for 2018,due to the perfect balance of style and performance in a simple design. We think that  Biehler have produced a classic windproof jacket.

Biehler Farbwechsel  Thermal & Rain Jersey

Biehler have come up trumps with this stylish looking thermal and rainproof jersey. It's almost an all-season jersey, race cut and fits more here


G4 Winter Gabba & Tights

We thought you'd like to see some stylish gear from French brand G4 Dimension, that will also keep you warm and dry through winter.

G4 National Range - Brazil Jersey

G4 are at the premium end of the cycling market, and produce the very best of kit for the discerning rider. We take a look at their National range, and see how their French style and performance copes with the Yorkshire weather

Biehler Ultra HEQ cycling jersey B-POWERFUL 

The Ultra HEQ-Powerful jersey from Biehler is a great starting point for new kit, with great design and the usual impeccable Biehler quality in the cut, stitching and materials used. We review this stylish jersey in the Yorkshire Dales

Biehler Mens Ambition Jersey

This cold weather jersey from Biehler is spot on for all cyclists. It does excatly what you need, and is placed at the right price pont for all riders.

Kafitt Pepper Vino Ladies One Piece

Venezuelan leisure cyclist, Franchelina loves style and fashion. Performance is also crucial for her though. Read her thoughts on this one piece from Kafitt.

Cycology Velosophy Ladies Kit

Allyson (Wattage Cottage ) from Texas takes a look at the design specific brand from Australia, Cycology. It seems that as well as being cool kit, it works really well to!


Kafitt Sports K Pro Jersey

Colombia have been producing great climbers for years now. They're also starting to produce great cycling kit,so we took a look at this stylish South American brand

Refined Roadwear Ladies Jersey Pro

Deputy executive editor, Larisa from Romania takes this styish brand on test on the mountain roads near her home, giving it a real test. Read her review here...

Canary Hill Ladies Cycling Clothing

There is still a lack of stylish and well designed ladies specific cycling brands on the market. Millie Citton took time to find out about Belgium based brand Canary Hill; a brand set up with the specific purpose of bringing stylish gear to ladies. Read her thoughts...

Biehler Race Line Elite Jersey

Everything that Biehler makes oozes quality, but this race line elite jersey is super special. Read our editor's review and find out why


JLVelo Game Over Kit

JLVelo make fantastic kit for cyclists. The brand is in the heart of cycle sport USA - California, and has ambassadors all over the globe, testing kit and feeding the results back to the design team. I love good kit, on the road and mtb, and have to ensure that it's good, comfortable and stylish! Testing the JLVelo 'Game Over' kit has been a revelation; it really is well thought out. Time to tell you all about it then...

Rosti Ladies One Piece TT & Tri Suit

Luciana Prados is our Brazilian triathlete and writer; she's been busy testing this stylish one piece time trial and tri cycling kit from Italian brand, Rosti.

JLVelo Ladies Tribal Kit

Larisa is always busy on road and trail in Romania, so good kit is crucial. We thought that she'd be ideal to test this great stylish design from Californian brand JLVelo

Primal Haven mtb Jersey 

Let's get straight to the point here - this is a fantastic jersey for the trails. It's well designed, well sewn, and just hangs nicely, keeping you reasonably warm and looking stylish too.

Biehler Long Sleeve Thermal Race Fit Jersey

Biehler don’t go for fancy strap lines or models. Their gear is designed to do simple things: to be comfortable, stylish, warm and functional. This jersey is simply called their thermal long sleeved jersey, and it does all of the necessary things very well. 

Nalini Butterfly Jersey & Bibs (ladies)

Cali girl and triathlete Stephanie tests out some stylish gear from this Italian brand. With Spring just around the corner, it's time to look stylish again.


Termica Jacket by Q36.5

Global editor Grant tests out this excellent jacket by quality brand Q36.5

Biehler Camou Windproof Jacket

Matching the other gear in this stylish range, the windproof jacket from Biehler could easily become legendary. It really is superb; lightweight, strong, close fitting, and showerproof, with pockets in the right places too! 

Biehler Camou S/S Jersey

With all the kit that we look at and test, Biehler from Germany have to be premier league. We've been truly amazed at both the design and the quality of their clothing. This short sleeve jersey has even made through the winter, with a good base layer and light over jacket. 

Cycology One Tribe Long Sleeved Jersey

Aussie brand Cycology have once again come up trumps with this great jersey for Autumn and Winter. Be stylish and warm right through to late Spring.

Velobici Verne Jersey

Bright, well made, stylish, good pockets, stylish design; what more do you want from a jersey smiley

Grant takes a look at this superb brand and lays out in detail why the jersey is so good. 

Tadaias Sliabh Jersey

Garry Shillam has been testing the new range from Tadaias for some time, and is really impressed with the quality. Read his review of the Sliabh jersey to find out more.

Click the image on the left to read our review

Primal Frequency Evo Jersey

No question about it, this is a fantastic piece of kit, that'll perform superbly and make you look and feel the business. If you have only one jersey, this one would be a good choice. 

Read our review of the jersey by clicking here

Primal Helix Ladies Jersey

Emma Coldwell likes to make sure that her cycling kit is up to standard. Okay is just not good enough, that's why her reviews are always worth reading. Emma recently tested the new Helix jersey by primal, tavelling with it to France in the process. 

Click the image on the left to read our review

Tadaias Mainéar Jacket

Our Garry likes to be kept warm and dry. Don't we all. Oh, he also hates poor quality gear. Great news then when this jacket arrived from Tadais, in plush packaging, looking a real winner.

Click the image on the left to read our review

Casp Roubaix Spring/ Autumn Jacket

This is one of those items that surprises you. It has great design and great performance, and also feels really good when worn. Albeit a new compnay on the block, Casp have done themselves proud with this jacket.

Click the image on the left to read our review

Focus RC Winter Jacket

It's been a strange winter so far, and very tricky to know what kit to wear. This jacket from Focus Bikewear passes the test though.

Click the image on the left to read our review

Nalini Evo Rain Jacket

Ed Sykes lives in the Pennines, so is used to a bit of rain. Thankfully we sent him this jacket from Nalini to test! Read his thoughts by clicking the image

D2D Windskin Gilet

An excellent piece of kit to squirrel away in the back pocket among the gels and chain tool.

Just the job to whip out when it suddenly turns a little parky.

Primal Pink Floyd Top

If you find it difficult to act your age, this top will help.

A stylish, generationally-defining design will defend you from accusations that you're trying to pass off as a youngster.

Added to which, it's comfortable and practical.

Craft Ladies 'Move' Summer Jersey

Craft really do make good cycling gear. Whilst not being a brand that everyone knows, that's only because people are still  discovering them. Their new ladies 'Move' short sleeve jersey is both stylish and extremely comfortable.  It's another well fitting garment from this Swedish brand, with yet more good quality Lycra and top quality detail in design and stitching. I'm not really one for wearing pink, but I did make the exception! Craft have ensured that the elements of pink are subtle and stylish.

Cycology Pedal Power Jersey

We waited for a good sping and summer to test this jersey outger crew members, such was the cool design.

It's proved itself to be a fantastic jersey, designed and produced be be a must have premium quality product. 

If you want to cut some chilled out slack whilst riding, then this is the brand for you - read on...

Cycology Tee Shirts 

The humble tee shirt – the uniform of youth, bmx kids, mountain bikers, climbers (the rock type), fixie dudes (boys & girls), the chilled and of course everyone else in the end. You know it, so just admit it.  Whilst not everyone here has a dress in their wardrobe, mostly just the ladies (and a few male politicians), we all have at least one tee shirt. As well as being low maintenance and an easy to wear piece of clothing, they’re that place where we post our own manifesto of life, or help to promote a killer statement such as ‘pedal power – join the revolution!’ 


Torm Ladies Jersey

It's difficult to find a really good Merino wool brand made in the UK these days. Especially if you look outside the obvious. 

Helen took a test of the new jersey from UK brand Torm, riding on a old style mini cycling tour between Peterborough and Harrogate - with a day into Nidderdale thrown in.

If sizing is a problem from the petite ladies it's sorted, as Torm do these jerseys in xxs as well.

Read her review by clicking the image. 


Nalini Taverino Summer Jersey

Nalini are renowned for their high quality stylsih cycling clothing. Ed Sykes has been riding and testing the Taverino jersey, on the roads and mountain bikes trails of the South Pennines. 

Fat Lad at the Back Jerseys

These jerseys are just the job if you want to look the part but don't want to look as if you're trying too hard.

Craft Active Baselayer

The material used for the Active Extreme Baselayer is Craft's time tested 'Active' fabric, esigned to expel heat away from you, whilst wicking away the moisture by the use of well thought out air channelled polyester - and this isn't just their marketing talking - it does exactly as it says on the label.


Craft Puncheur Summer SS Jersey 

Craft are renowned in the winter sports, and over recent years have brought their skills, style and quality to the cycling scene. We took a look at their Puncheur range this summer, to see if it could withstand a Yorkshire season - it did so in style, even if our review team did get a little wet in the process!

Take a read at Glyn's review of the Puncheur range here. 

Altura Night Vision Jacket 

Now here's the deal - Altura do sell good jackets, and the price is reasonable. The question is - what's this one like. I've had one of these amongst my collection for some time now and it really is a good lightweight jacket. It packs away small enough to fit inside my Camelbak and it also keeps me reasonably dry on a Dales outing.

Focus Bikewear Long Sleeve Winter Jersey

The north of England can be  cold on the best of days, so I was really pleased when this winter jersey arrived from Focus Bikewear.  Made from extra soft windproof Windoff®-Roubaix with a brushed fleece inside and Warmdry® technology, it's designed for one thing - to keep you warm and stay comfortable all day long. The quality of the material is obvious and the stitching is excellent, easily passing the 'pull about' test.

Focus Basic Line Short Sleeve Jersey

There are certain requirements that cannot be overlooked on a spring / summer cycling jersey. Firstly, it has to be stylish – we all want to look good. Focus had this jersey designed and made in Italy, so ‘ticked’. Secondly, it has to be breathable. Once again, Italian quality means the best of materials are used, that will keep off the chill and allow your body to breathe, whilst not soaking you in sweat when the work begins. This jersey ticks all of these boxes too.

Nalini Ossana Jersey

Nalini are one of those brands that have thought long and hard about the decisions that cyclists make, and have it seems, built these into the thinking that goes behind their current range of jerseys.  In particular, the Ossana long sleeved jersey, which albeit from their winter range, is an all-round great top for this time of the year - but more of that later. First of all, let’s take a look at the quality.

Nalini Bedollo Jacket

Normally when a cycle jacket arrives, you greet it with a degree of practical necessity. It will serve a purpose, hopefully keeping you warm and dry, but it isn’t the sort of thing that you’d wander down to the bar or coffee house in. Style is usually overtaken by function, with now and again a splash of style thrown in with some reflective piping that the designer added in a rush – not so with the Nalini Bedollo. This is a very stylish jacket.  I mean it - a very stylish jacket

Showers Pass Shell Jacket

Have you ever found yourself praying for rain? Farmers do it, gardeners do it. I’ve even heard of knackered Alpine climbers gasping for a reason to take a rest day. Pedalnorth took delivery of this wet-weather gear in early autumn, but it was a long wait before there was sufficient damp and cold to test them properly.

 D2D Race Fit Jersey & Bibs 

Having tried various bits and pieces recently I was pleasantly surprised to come across D2D Cycle Clothing from Yorkshire. It also fitted well...pardon the pun, with our 'Made in Yorkshire' series.

What drew me initially was the fact that they hadn't attempted to colour the world in scary tones that could inflict a fit or seizure upon any passing motorist. The designs and colours were simple, well cut and unassumingly classy looking.


D2D Mesh Vest

Having recently tested the new race fit jersey and bib shorts from D2D Cycling Clothing, I was keen to try out the mesh vest that they'd sent  me. Having never worn one before - at least not since my parents inflicted the string vests of a late 1960s childhood upon me - I was surprised and intrigued on first inspection.

D2D Arm Warmers

This piece of kit arrived in mid summer, leaving to think that I wouldn't be using it for some time. However, those of you that know the higher Dales will realise that they soon came into use. 

Red Venom  Short Sleeve Jersey

Another north of England brand that we tested and liked.

Let's get the ugly stuff out of the way first; I wore this kit solid for all my rides for two months - without washing it. WHY? I hear you shout - because I wanted to see if it stood up to it. I'm glad to say it did, most admirably.

(Garry has a strange method of testing gear!)