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Torch T2 Helmet

There will always be a debate on the value of cycle helmets. I however, personally would rather wear one, so that I can continue to be able to understand the world around me after an accident.

Commuting cyclists are in particular danger - which is shown by events over the last 12- 18 months. Even the eager cyclists who are just nipping out and don't want to spoil their hair by wearing a helmet.

The Torch T2 adds a bit of everything for the commuting cyclist and the everyday urban/ city cyclist - safety and lights in abundance due the the integrated light panels, front and rear. Ten in total which are fully rechargeable, lasts up to 36hrs having been charged - via USB lead (supplied) with a light system that tells you how much power is left in the helmet batteries - it is also weather proof - lucky, as up North we're currently building an Ark.

  The helmet itself has a dial adjust system and removable pads (2 sets) it's a stylish, comfy design that comes in a number of colours, we chose to use the Neon yellow helmet and you can see it from miles - literally. It gives the rider that added visibility to other road users, combining the colour and the lights that can be used day or night. 

The lights are easily switched on and off with small press buttons front and rear, to set the lights up in 4 different modes. The flashing modes seemed to be the most effective as the light really stands out in fading light / darkness.  Don't get me wrong you will still need bike lights the helmet lights are an added safety factor on an overall smart helmet. 

If you do ride in the city, or on long commutes, then this could be just the helmet for you. It'll protect your bonce and make sure that you're seen - the rest is up to the motorist.

It's your head, so use it or lose it!

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