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Turn Right at Mont St Michel

Turn Right at Mont St Michel

Okay, so I have to concede that Team Sky and the rest of the cycling world are not looking in my direction for a new rider. Whilst I have the heart of a lion,  the ability and age has left me behind, so my  cycling adventures will have to take another route.

Thinking about the Tour de France, and of the culture of this amazing cycling nation, it hit me that I could at least ride a real Tour de France; a route that didn't move around and have broken links, but that circumnavigated all of France. All I need then is a suitable starting point - Mont St Michel, the iconic island monastery that sits sentinel to France. Measuring the route in very basic terms,  and making sure that some significant places would be visited, such as the Champagne and Cognac regions, and of course some very nice vineyards, the distance comes out at about 4000km; but what's a few hundred kilometres between friends!

Off we go then! Graeme Obree once said to me that when he started out, he believed he had everything necessary to break the hour record - a bike and two legs! It was only as he began training that he released it was a little bit more! Taking my friends approach to the challenge, both legs are still in working order, and I have several bikes, so what's to stop me. I also like French wine, olives, pate, brie, and dipping baguettes in olive oil to snack - it'll be a fine trip. All I need now are some people of a similar unrealistic lunatic tendency to join me - that's always the difficult part. I'm in a lucky position in life, writing full time these days and being able to simply dedicate time to such a journey. For others I understand the difficulties, but thankfully I'm also okay in my own company, setting my own steady pace in all weathers. It's easier I guess to say 'join me if you can',even for a few days. For me though, I'm in it now for the long haul; it's simply that one adventure that that we all need in life and my time has come - and Charlie deserves my efforts.

After much serious preparation, lots of training, and numerous meetings with cycling industry friends, the journey is set, and on the 2nd April, because you should never start a journey on the 1st of April, I'll turn right at Mont St Michel, hopefully joined for at least a day or two by some riding friends, and I'll keep cycling for a day or two... or three ... or four thousand kilometres!

On a positive note, I won't have to listen to Donald Trump for a few weeks - now that's got to be worth the pain.