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Valentina Chacin

Introducing Valentina Chacin to our North America team of writers and bloggers

My name is Valentina Chacin, I am 22 years old and I live in South Florida. I began riding my road bike 4 years ago thanks to my father. I quick fell in love with the sport and decided I wanted to race.

With that said, I started racing two years ago. I race for Aminorip, which is a recovery brand that includes Pre-workouts, L-Carnitine and Proteins. (best way to refuel your body)  I have my own project on the making call which is partnering up with the best allies for cycling, including mechanics, supplements, photographies and more and teaching riders what is important and tips on the whole training process.

As I develop within the sport, and find out more about the cycling taking place within Florida and the wider USA, I'll be sharing my blogs with you here on , including some kit reviews. Keep checking in to share my cycling lifestyle with me

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