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VeloSkin Chamois Cream

VeloSkin Chamois Cream – Review by Grant Williams

Good fortune played its part in me being drawn to VeloSkin, before I could even buy their products. Some of my favourite rides follow the steep contours of the Lake District, and images of these roads featured in the brand's Instagram activity.  How could I not be intrigued?  So I was very keen to make my first purchase, soon after their launch during summer 2017.

VeloSkin offer a range of skincare products to meet the needs of cyclists. Their current range includes Chamois Cream, Shave Cream, Post Shave Cream, Moisturiser and Soothing Gel.  These types of products play a key part in keeping us comfortable and healthy, and I put a lot of effort into choosing what I believe are the right ones. This is primarily based on high quality, natural ingredients, the performance of the product, and experiencing a non-adverse response when using them.

VeloSkin use natural ingredients within all of their range, selecting each one on its quality, suitability and how it benefits the skin.   On opening the canister of Chamois Cream you are greeted by a fresh citrus scent. The fragrance is created by the inclusion of orange blossom and bergamot, and is a signature of the VeloSkin range. I really like the scent, which was seemingly inspired from cycling in Mallorca and Northern Italy. Fourteen natural, active ingredients are included. These were selected based on their potential to soothe and hydrate, protect, moisturise and revitalise. The cream's properties are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic, as well as  providing nourishment for skin and the wonderful scent.The cream is also quite dense, not sticky, and despite its relatively solid appearance, it is easy to apply and achieve a smooth, consistent, protective layer. 

Long endurance rides will often draw out shortfalls in the equipment used; reliable kit and being comfortable on the bike is essential. At the beginning of my review of the VeloSkin range, I used the Chamois Cream for shorter, higher intensity rides, and sessions on the indoor trainer, to build confidence in its performance, prior to trying it out for 8 to 10 hours in the saddle. The Chamois Cream proved excellent during these earlier stages, even when training involved climbing power sessions using the indoor trainer, or riding in wet, gritty conditions, there were no comfort, or skin related issues. Time to move onto the longer endurance rides.

Living reasonably close to the Peak District provides superb roads for endurance riding, as we can easily head into the hills, via fairly quiet lanes, and create 100 to 150 mile loops. The challenging landscape moderates the pace, stretches out the ride time, and tends to highlight if an item of kit has certain shortfalls, especially if you are doing long, back to back rides. VeloSkin's Chamois Cream easily out-performed the product I had been using previously. On-bike comfort remained throughout the duration of a ten hours plus day in the saddle, instead of dipping away during the last hour or so.  When riding consecutive days, sensitivity in the saddle contact area was significantly reduced.

Having used the VeloSkin product for several months now, and well into the winter season, it continues to perform, and has become my chamois cream of choice.

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