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Where to store a bike - Bi Port

Where to store a bicycle: Bi-Port

Exhausted upon arriving at my house after a long MTB training session, all I wanted was to rest. Without thinking twice, I left my bicycle, as was the custom, first I found. I went up to my room and a call from my mother made me stop:

 "Luisa, how long will you be there?" Yes, the voice of our parents, looking at things differently from us. For me, I had simply left my bicycle; Because as you know, storing them is never easy. It is fine if you have a garage or storage shed, but then there is the safety of our beloved bicycle.

It was not the first time I heard or thought, but that day I decided to find a solution. Years ago I had started a process of learning with the best plastic artist (in my opinion) - my brother Paul, who decided to teach me something of what I had learned in college. He is incredible and very talented. I am a graphic artist, so with his guide we work together and we form a small family business, where we personalize through painting everything we could. You think it, we do it in art; Art that means something to people.

That day I said to my brother: Palgus (as I usually call him), I want to make a wall mount to hang the bike and that, in general, does not interfere with the common spaces of the house and get in the way; Something simple and functional and stylish. I also want to decorate the site where I would install it. With this in mind, I took my bike, measured it along the most recursive way based on the tiles, measuring exactly 4 of them long. Then I calculated the width using an envelope that contained some boring documents as a reference - hahaha. Today the boring envelope would help develop something much more exciting I felt.

Making my measurements rudimentary, I went to a carpentry shop, I asked them to cut a piece of wood in the shape of a palette. This way my idea was taking on the form I wanted.

I was always very clear that I wanted Frida Kahlo as part of the decoration of my house and my bike. The Mexican artist used a style of folk art to explore issues of identity, post colonialism, gender, class and race in Mexican society. The paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and realism mixed with fantasy. That matched me, and was linked with my thinking. I wanted to explore identity, make my art, and my custom bike boards.

Based on a beautiful self-portrait of her, I painted my first stand. As the days went by some of my friends and social networking contacts saw some photos that I took, and they started contacting me and asking for bike storage tables for them. We would talk about their ideas and possible designs; something unique that would stop their Mothers or wives asking them to move their bicycle - hahaha!

Since that moment they have not stopped the orders. Thus was born Bi-Port, a family business where our goal is to satisfy the need of cyclists to put order to what we love and enjoy. After all, the bike is part of my ... part of my family, so lives with me in my house, not in a sad and cold garage.

Currently Bi-Port has been consolidated not only as a product, but also as an ally in different events that support cycling in Colombia. At this time, we are sponsoring one of the best cycling events in the country, where both amateurs and professionals meet. This is the RUTA COLOMBIA GRAN FONDO SURA. In this event, we have the honor to reward our participants with the first places, presenting them with their own bi-port stands. In a short time we will also be awarding prizes in a MTB race, which claims to be the best internationally and is considered the "MTB Everest" - this is 'La Leyenda del dorado 2017'.

In general terms, this is Bi-Port, a company born of such a basic need as the management of space at home - and to keep my mother happy; a project that brings together art, design and craftsmanship to create unique pieces that satisfy and meet the needs of those who acquire them - and they're personalized as well. They share their own uniqueness.

Luisa X

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