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Why we ride - Canada

We want to explore why you ride; now during those cold months of winter, and generally through the rest of the year. To start things off, here's a few thoughts from Dave and Jenna, our writers in Calgary, Canada.

Life truly becomes an adventure when we choose to venture into the unknown. On our bikes, we discover new pathways, roads, and trails, which expands our horizons by seeing the world from a new perspective. Through these experiences, we learn more about ourselves, communities, and have lots of fun.   

Riding bikes has become a way of life for us – whether it’s a mellow ride on our cruisers to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning in search for sweet carrots and juicy peaches, saddling up for an evening road ride to get our hearts pumping and legs moving, or a challenging mountain bike ride across the peaks and valleys of the Canadian Rockies. Biking has become something we live for. It’s how we spend our evenings, weekends, and holidays together. It’s how we build lasting memories and connect with our surroundings. It’s what makes us feel alive. 

Throughout our day, we find ourselves craving the sensations of biking. The rhythm of pedaling and steep hill climbs provide the opportunity to focus on breath and accomplishing new heights. Space is then created in our minds and lungs for new energy and ideas, and also helps to reduce stress and improve our wellbeing. The endless miles of open roads offer freedom to explore beautiful and rugged landscapes. Which in turn, results in having more freedom for creativity and love within our daily lives. We truly appreciate the positive benefits biking has had in our relationships, stress management, and health. 

Biking is also a fun and refreshing way to meet new people, share quality time with friends and family, and explore new places all around the world. We are fortunate to be part of a 42 rider cycling team (WBN Cycling – Wednesday Beer Night) who enjoys riding bikes and drinking beer.  This year the team completed the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer for the third consecutive year, a 228KM ride through the foothills of Alberta, and raised $176,000 for cancer research. We our incredibly proud of the impact our team continues to make within the community but also how over the years the group has supported each other’s hardships and celebrated accomplishments. Being part of a cycling community is a unique and special experience - one not to be missed. 

Biking is how we make our life an adventure. Why do you ride? We would love to know.