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Win2 Energy Bars

I’m bereft ... look it up on google. In basic terms it means that the new energy bars I’ve been testing from Belgium brand Win2 have run out. Riding in the Yorkshire Dales in wintry winds requires all the help that you can get, and these bars have been spot on.

Meeting brand founder Ian at Velofollies recently, it was clear that here was a guy with a passion for nutrition, and I can see why - he knows his stuff. There’s only one previous occasion with nutrition I’ve come across such knowledge and passion, and yes, we believe in that brand too, but Win2 really did surprise us with their energy bars, and take the podium spot.

Made from 40 percent crushed pure almond, the bars don’t go hard in the cold, and do not melt in the heat. Although I must confess, there hasn’t been much heat in the Dales recently. The rest of the bar is made up of the regular culprits of magnesium, calcium and carbohydrates, but with some extra special Chia seed added , which having researched, was apparently used by Aztec warriors for energy and endurance! Now there’s an interesting thing - it certainly helps on the hills on the eastern edges of the Yorkshire Dales... but I didn’t come across any Aztec warriors despite the climbing!

In terms of taste, the Win2 bars come in three flavours: banana, strawberry and almond of course. I’ve been making a point to miss out on my usual cake stops, to ensure that my ride data can’t be misconstrued, and yes I have to admit, I’m riding very comfortably with just these bars and some Win2 fluids for backup.

Best of all, there’s no stickiness, after-taste and the bars are definitely not bland. Will I use them again? Most definitely, especially on the longer and more arduous rides. Last but not least, all WIN2 products are also Glutenfree... not that I have a gluten intollerance but it is a Nice bonus

click above to visit the WIN2 website and take a look at their full range of products and services