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World Record Attempt

Kajsa Tylen is a Swedish-born pseudo-Brit living in Nottingham. With a love of travelling, she plans to cycle more miles in a year than any other woman – some challenge! She’s previously taken cycling trips all over the globe, but next year will be something different…

1. There's loads of cycling records out there to break, why the distance cycling record?

As I am probably one of the slowest cyclists out there, it would probably not be possible for me to break any other records! And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to. The distance record appeals to me because of Billie Fleming, who’s the current record holder, and what she stood for, as well as that it is a matter of discipline and will power as opposed to sheer physical ability.

2. How long have you been preparing for this record attempt and what have you been doing in preparation  / training regime? 

I have been preparing since October 2014 in one way or other. Training has consisted of triathlon training up until August and then solid cycling since then, combined with core and strength exercises as well. I have been doing back to back long rides on weekends and early morning rides before work, so really trying to fit in as much as I can. I’ve really enjoyed it but looking forward to getting started!

3. Who's currently training with you, to help you get ready to smash it, are they supporting you during the record rides too.

I am being coached by Bryan Steel, and am joined from time to time by my cycling buddies, though they seem to be dropping like flies around me, with injuries. I hope it’s not contagious!! I hope that many of them will join me for rides, and every Sunday I’m doing a loop so people can join me. For the second Sunday ride, in Essex, there are around 20 people who have signed up!!

And last, but not least, my mum is supporting me practically (not on a bike) for the entire a year, so I certainly could not do this without her!

4. What do you think is going to be the hardest part of this attempt - (do a list if you want)

The weather.

The monotony, though I’m trying to avoid that by travelling around quite a bit, and asking people to join me for Sunday rides.

Eating and drinking enough.

Remaining friends with my mother…

5. How many bikes are you using during the attempt - what's your favourite?

Guinness WR guidelines stipulate that I can only use one bike for the duration of the attempt, unless it is damaged beyond repair, so that’s an easy one! “Billie” is a Specialized Ruby Comp 2015, and is the bike I’ll be doing the entire challenge on. It’s a really lovely bike, thankfully!

6. What's the best bit of kit you'll be using in 2016? BTW -  Not the kitchen gloves -  Ha Ha

Obviously the kitchen gloves but as I’m not allowed to choose them I will have to say my Chapeau! Classic Bib Shorts – I’ve tried out loads of cycling shorts (including other Chapeau! chamois) and these are by far the best and will make the biggest difference to my life! J

7. On the days when its hard and a bit on top ( I'm sure there'll be a few ) what's going to drive you on?

I’m going to ask mum to drive behind me and nudge me with the bumper while revving the engine aggressively… Nah, it will be my friends and family and the supporters that I’ve gained leading up to the challenge. I have an amazing support network that is growing all the time, and I know that I will just need to pick up the phone to get a pep talk from one of my friends. I will also use social media; there are some amazingly supportive people out there who I’ve never even met (yet) and I’m sure they will help enormously! And then there are, of course, the Sweat Pledges – they will be a massive motivation!

8. Looking forward what's happening in 2017 for you? Another challenge perhaps?

I’ve nicknamed 2017 “The Year of the Beer” as in my dreams I’ll be sitting by a pool, relaxing with a beer, for the entire year. The reality, I’m sure, will be very different but I really cannot predict what it will be. Hopefully something exciting and new! Before I decided to do this challenge me and my friend Ju were going to do a bike tour of Cuba, so maybe that will be on the cards at some point, but I will no doubt be completely broke (in more ways than one), so will have to play it by ear. One thing I will definitely do is the Couch to 5K running plan to get back into running, which I love. (Is a cyclist allowed to admit that?!)