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Last weekend saw Carl Davison and his Northern Downhill crew head back north of the border to Scotland, and the amazing Ae forest. Ae forest forms part of the popular 7 Stanes mountain biking centres across the borders of Scotland. The trails here are superb with a mixture of full on downhill stages, to more trail centre red/black graded gravity filled goodness.

This race was a 4 stage enduro, that was well thought out by Carl. Carl had to work tirelessly setting up the race course due to the recent and ongoing felling of trees due to Larch disease in the area.

The weekend saw the return of the Northern Downhill race series to the behemoth forest of Kielder. Kielder forest is the largest man-made woodland area in England and hosts some amazing mountain biking trails, not only for downhill style races, but also cross country and 24 hour endurance races.

When most of the big race organisers in the UK are shutting up shop for the winter across Wales, Scotland and England, in a small corner of the North East of England, the Northern Downhill series comes alive and continues the racing through the winter months.

So who is Wormy?

Photo Editor Jerry, and Social Guy, Phil Walton from Pedalnorth

catch up with this man on a mission

Phil Walton and myself (Jerry Tatton) caught up with Karl "Wormy" Chapman at Danny Hart's Descend Bike Park to find out exactly who is Wormy, where he's come from and what is his driving force.

Q: So how long have you been into biking then?

Well, I started biking around 5 years ago.

Karl seems to have no fear as he's seen here taking on one of the biggest drops at the bike park

Q: What made you take up this sport?

I had a incident where I fell 40 ft and I broke both my

Northern Downhill Hamsterley TT

Storm clouds looming, but the weather held.Whip off competition anyone?

Northern Downhill returned to Hamsterley forest for the eagerly awaited TT. One of the best sections of red trail in the area known as Transmission, Accelerator and Nitrous was the course.

When all eyes in the mountain biking world were focussed on Fort William and the UCI world cup Downhill race, Northern Downhill were providing another brilliant race in a small corner of the North East of England at Hamsterley Forest.