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Women in Sport series of articles by Mg. Jocelyn Retamal

There is no doubt that women and men are different, and that those differences also extend to sports such as cycling, which is no exception.  But what are the physiological characteristics that differentiate us from men?

I'm imagining what came to mind;  height, weight, sex, etc.  Yes, although it is obvious, we are going to deepen a little,  and so girls and boys can understand,  and also understand our differences.

"Women in Sport Have Only Function - To Crown the Winner"

Article by Jocelyn Retamal E., Mg. in Sport Medicine, Chile

If today we see a headline like this, we would probably think that it is a macho joke and the most optimistic would laugh it off as such. However, this statement was made by the founder of the modern Olympic Games (JJOO); fortunately for us, this remark remained history. And really, when we look at events like the Tour de France, maybe that's how the girls on the podium look ... like models of jerseys.

Today, sports and cycling are no longer exclusive to one genre or social