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Ladies Cycling

 Classic situation – You get off your bike and say to yourself: I think, I’ll never do this again. And this is what happened last year after I’ve rode my last lap of the 24 hours on the race track of Zolder/Belgium. Yes, a lot can happen in one year and then happened what should happen: Also in 2018 I was standing at the starting line of the 4 km lap and even felt some anticipation with a view to the forthcoming 24 hours.

But let’s start from the beginning.

A friend, Fiona May-Aylward, posted on social media recently, how they’d been verbally abused in a sexual way whilst out cycling in London, near Richmond Park. They showed an almost tearful face, full of distress and clearly upset. In an age where equality in sport , and in cycling in particular is often in the news, it was sad to see.  

When a man wears lycra, we label him as either cool or a MAMIL, and generally he’s allowed to cycle on his merry way unimpeded by onlookers - whatever his physique.

My Romania...

I'm not an expert of cycling, neither road cycling nor mountainbiking, but one thing I am sure about and that thing is that I love cycling from the depth of my heart! I became adicted to cycling 3 years ago. I started with mountain biking and I immediately fell in love. After 1 year I hopped on the road bike and loved it too. Starting cycling was a life changing experience.

Cycling in Romania is a delight. There are a lot of beautiful trails or roads in the mountains and in the forests. The nature is wild, and not modified by mankind.


May 17, 2018, Hannah G Shell

I'm thinking a lot lately about the various ways we connect as humans. If we’re each navigating our own world crafted by individual experiences, connection seems important to stay grounded. Connecting flights, connecting to music, connecting by racing together in the peloton, connecting by shared experience... I connect through riding and racing, in fact, it's one of the reasons I ride. But humans connect everywhere, all the time.

I get to test and review kit from all over the world. It's often difficult to say which is good and why, and it takes time, wearing it on all kinds of rides, and of course seeing how stylish the kit looks!

I chose the Intemporel kit from G4 dimension for the summer because it’s my favourite. Its simple, elegant and has a great design and choice of colours, and it’s fitted and comfortable. The summer range for 2018 is super stylish and super comfortable, and that’s important to stylish cyclists like me!

The first time I used it, I went for a 40 km  usual ride on the roadbike.