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Road Cycling

Articles about great cycling routes, how we love to ride and other general cycling blogs

When an area has riding elements named ‘The Devil’s Elbow’ and ‘Chicken Corner’, it has to be worth a visit. Added to this, when the local highways authority refuse to sign anything below 12 percent, you can expect some epic riding ... with lots of hills.The eastern edges of Nidderdale and Lower Wensleydale in North Yorkshire are away from the main tourism locations in this Mecca for cycling, but provide some of the finest and the toughest of trails and tarmac.

 Devils Elbow itself, whilst short in distance twists itself to 20% at the crux, and the flowing descent to Chicken Corner, lined by

The best thing about Vittoria UK is how Michael has woven together people who are fundamentally simply friends having a great time together with bikes and cycling and cycle related conversations, with a little bit of life thrown in too. And so, with recently crowned National Champion and Ambassador Ellie, chilling out with headphones on in the back, and Michael making sure that the conversations were fun and relaxed, we headed to the new Boardman Performance Centre at Evesham.

Arriving at this state of the art facility, created by cycling legend, and former Olympic gold medalist, and hour

Okay, so we all know that cycling gets you fit, but what else does it do for you? We thought we'd put this together, and try to encourage more people to join the cycling revolution.  Here's our short list of cycling benefits, complied by Larisa and Robert...

1. Balance: Cycling produces the balance between exertion and relaxation, which is so important for the bodies equiliberium.  We all like to exercise, but we like to chill out too. Cycling is a perfect balance of both, and it alsotakes you to some amazing places, with lots more to see and do.

2. Heart: All the risk factors that lead to a

Get ready for winter

Summer will always follow spring, and as sure as eggs are eggs, winter will always follow autumn. You’ll already have noticed the darker nights, colder days and colder winds. Yes, before you realise it, the rain will be turning colder too, and the mornings will be frosty and edged with white crystals.

Time then to consider what to wear to keep yourself warm. We recently wrote about the G4 Overshoes and the Ultra Lightweight Rain Jacket for autumn, so here’s our guide to moving on a step and staying winter warm.

These past 2 months I’ve had the chance to test some of the top road tires from Pirelli, who are back in the bicycle game. Pirelli is dedicated to making a wide range of high quality and technologically advanced tires, to meet the needs of the modern cycling community - and they have some heritage.

Time for a little history then:

Pirelli was founded in Milan in 1872 and today stands as a global brand known for it’s cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily on its Italian roots.