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Touring Lake Balaton, Hungary: Part 3

Day 6 Larisa and Robert

So it is our last day cycling, and I was both excited and sad at the same time. We had all become great friends during our tour, led by Tamas, with Peter and Laszlo keeping us supplied with water, coke and lots and lots of humour. Having a small group had met that we had all bonded and got to know each other, and everybody was slightly sad to be leaving.

The ride today was set to be about 80km, and included some some hills for us to climb along the way.. Thee were of course lots of descents too, which allowed us to have some fun,

Touring Lake Balaton, Hungary: Part 2

Day 4 Larisa & Robert

Setting off from our hotel with a larger peloton, today was to be a day of twisting roads, climbing and history, as  we took a long flat road towards the rising countryside, passing a series of wildfowl protected lakes for birds, where it was time to do a little work, as Erika and Laszlo took photos and video for the tourist board, and we did our best to look like competent cyclists.

For part of the  70km ride, Tamas  took a rural gravel path, introducing a new experience for me on a road bike, and having new Pirelli tyres to test

Summer is drawing to a close and the rain is currently falling outside as I write this. It’s been a unique year, both on and off the bike. I’ve been thrown through the air by a car in Nice, thankfully walking … or riding slowly and painfully away from it, with nothing more than back pain, which still persists. I’ve cycled in Flanders, and I’ve stood on a booth at EuroBike, the largest cycle show in the world, and cycled in Hungary with some of the most amazing people I know.

And I guess that I should add that I’ve cycled 1100km around the north of France, using a carbon bike for touring,